15 Amazing Things to Do in Dubai for Free | Complete Guide

Dubai is one of the most popular destinations anytime you visit. Apart from the weather and a slightly humid temperature, it attracts a large number of tourists every year. The centre of tourist attraction is the cultural beauty, outdoor fun, architectural history, and adventurous activities. Experiencing all these for free makes it much more exciting. Check about the best free things to do in Dubai and explore the treasure.

Dubai is famous for its cuisine, culture, and luxury stay, so it will be the most economically friendly vacation if you only need to spend on food and accommodation, not on fun activities. There are many free things to do in Dubai Mall even for kids or friends.

Have a look at the free things to do in Dubai or the places to visit for free. Choose the places to visit for free to explore the culture of Dubai.

Free things to do in Dubai or places to visit-

  • Street art at Al Karama- The streets of Karama are the best place for exploring street art beauty. You can take a walk around the street and witness the unique 24 stunning pieces of art across the street. There is no such charge for that so it is one of the best free things to do in Dubai which popularizes the city culture as well.

    Also, it is heaven for art lovers in Dubai. It showcases different art forms like 3D art, graffiti, and abstract paintings.
  • Tour to the Bur Dubai Grand Mosque- Bur Dubai Grand Mosque is heaven for community lovers though anyone can visit to witness the architectural beauty of the place. It is located in one of the oldest neighbourhoods of the city. This is the place for everyone either adult or kid to be blessed for free. It is one of the best places to visit for free in Dubai.

    The free visiting hours are from 9.00 am to 11.30 am.
  • The Camel Racing Festival- The Camel Racing Festival is the glory to watch. It is the famous and oldest traditional sport of the region. There is a festival known as Al Marmoom Heritage Village Festival, known as the best time to experience the camel racing festival. You can indulge yourself in other activities as well, this makes it the city's best sight and attraction point.

Camel Racing Festival

  • The Souks in Dubai- This is the famous shopping hub point of the city. It is not completely cost-free but there are some specific free shopping windows. Also, there are various entertainment activities at the traditional souks in Dubai that are completely free, especially for new visitors. The Dubai Spice Souk, Old Souk Dubai, and Deira Old Souk are some of the best examples. This is known as one of the best free places to visit in Dubai to explore the traditional beauty of Dubai.
  • RAS Al Khor Wildlife Centre- The next free thing to do in Dubai is explore the wildlife centre. This is one of the most popular destinations in Dubai among the visitors. It is home to bird species like Flamingo. This wildlife sanctuary is a beauty to witness the natural habitat of species without spending a dime

RAS Al Khor Wildlife Centre

There are periodic feeding sessions that allow the visitors to see the birds closely. The best part is that the viewing area is under shade and fully air-conditioned. This is the best place to visit with your friends or family. Apply for a Dubai Emirates visa from the UK and you will get your e-visa within 48 hours.

The viewing hours are between 7.30 am to 5.30 pm (Saturday –Thursday) and from 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm (Friday).

  • Camel Museum- The city's best sight and attraction for free is a visit to The Camel Museum. It is located in the Al Shindagha area. Each different section of the museum is dedicated to the history of camels in UAE. It depicts beautiful historical stories about camels and Arabian people here. Plan your itineraries for holidays in Dubai and make a list of free things to do in Dubai before the trip starts.
  • Movie under the stars- Free movies are aired for tourists with sitting eating facilities under the stars. It is a kind of open theatre without any charge for the movie. It is one of the best free things to do in Dubai while on a trip. It is located at the Pyramids Rooftop complex in the Wafi complex. Timing is 8.30 pm every Sunday. This makes it one of the most popular destinations in Dubai.

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